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Duncan McKnight is a musician and recording artist who is a driving force behind The Virgin Tongues, and Flaming Banshees, a collaboration with Scottish musician Iain Ross


Born and raised in California, he moved to Berlin and formed The Virgin Tongues with Robert Michael Giddens and Nima Ashe. Many considered them to be a fresh take on rock and roll in a scene dominated by electronic music.


In late April of 2009, The Virgin Tongues flew to Reykjavik to perform with Icelandic rock & roll band Singapore Sling to record their debut album with Sling frontman Henrik Björnsson, but their efforts were cut short. In the early morning hours on May 1st, McKnight sustained massive injuries after falling from a 2nd story window in Reykjavik.


After a long and painful recovery McKnight resurfaced and has collaborated with and opened for various acts such as The Allah-Las, Dead Skeletons, The Soft Moon, and others. He currently resides in Austin, Texas.

In 2018, Santa Rosa Records released The Virgin Tongues debut album as well as The Flaming Banshees first album on casette. Vinyl is to be released next.

Click here for The Virgin Tongues debut album / limited cassette
Click here to get ‘Satan is a Farmer‘ on cassette by the Flaming Banshees